Day 9

I have an amazing circle of female friends.  We met nearly 20 years ago, and to this day when we get together on the phone or in person the greeting is “Hail Goddess!”  Like most women in this society, I did not grow up with a sense of the divine feminine having anything to do with ME.  That was far out freaky stuff.  Images of goddesses or an affirmation that being a woman was inherently a powerful thing?  Not too likely.  Much of what I knew about girls being as good as boys came from the Brady Bunch  And that wasn’t good news since the girls had to give up their power and settle for being polite by the end of the episode.

Earlier this week I was on a conference call with the wonderfully Unabashedly Female Julie Daley.  As she spoke of rising feminine power, I realized that over the last 20 years, a lot of that early messaging has changed for me.  And yet, women still live with the consequences of patriarchy.  It made me sad to consider that others on the call were just now – for the first time – hearing that they themselves are remarkable, inherently worthy and powerful in their female bodies.  I am glad that they were affirmed as the Goddess they have always been.   And, as I read the incredible woman-hating news that’s been dominating the public discourse of late, all I can say is Hail, Goddess…may it be that every woman can know her great worth and be greeted and  met with holy joy!

Writing Prompt:   At the center of my being is…


2 thoughts on “Day 9

  1. Met with my daughter and her midwife to discuss the upcoming birth of her child. What a wonderful experience to witness a deep commitment of having a birth process that is affirming and loving.
    And everyday, I observe women a generation younger than me, make the conscious choices to live their lives with intention and purpose in every sphere. They own their feminine power with an ease that I admire and envy.
    Bless them in their work of the divine feminine.

    • Yes! What a powerful and beautiful connection between you and your daughter and grandchild! I know you have been an amazing guide and you all have a powerful, amazing new adventure ahead! Namaste!!!!

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