Day 15

I am feeling rather slow in the lethargic sense.  Tired.  Physically drained.  Been feeling under the weather for days.  A long weekend of activity, learning and being with people looms

ahead. I already feel torn between activity and the energy I want to summon for saying YES and the spirit that is insisting a bit of STOP!  I can see the power of time in creative community, and I need to pay attention to the very real need to resist the allure.  I was talking with a friend just yesterday about how hard it is to say no to invitations:  to go to one more event, join one more board, participate in one more activity.  So often we don’t want to miss out on any of the possibilities! So many sparkling toys to play with!  Ideas to engage!  People to enjoy!  ANd what if something amazing happens and we’re not there to take the photos?

Good times are on the way, I just may need to find them under the covers with cups of tea and not in the company of others right now.

Writing Prompt:  I resist saying no because….

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