Day 19

I’ve been sleeping poorly and let’s just say – that does not make me a happy camper.  I like my 8 hours a night, and the feeling of being refreshed when the morning light streams in.  But somewhere between the shift for Day Light Savings, a crappy cough that strikes every 90 minutes all night and the late arrival of winter with cold rain and wind howling, I’ve been moving like a Yeti Zombie for a few days.  Slow and fuzzy and not very articulate.

So I’m going to try and trick myself today with the power of  visualization.  I am walking the earth with strength and power.  I am graceful and confident in my stride.  My mind is alert and my head is held high.  I breathe deep cleansing breaths and feel at peace.  I am alert and poised.  My heart is prepared to extend loving care to all I encounter.  My to do list is managed.  My spirit is flexible and resilient.  I am prepared to face this day!

Writing Prompt:  The last time I felt so strong…


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