Day 20

When was the last time you really laughed?  The gut busting, snort giggle, leaky eyes laugh?  What would it take to get your rolling on the floor in hysterics today?

I am a big fan of the ridiculous comedy, bad pun, silly slap stick kind of humor.  I am not particularly high brow, though a clever turn of phrase may raise a sly grin and a chuckle.  I especially like a whole-hearted bad joke, and have myself told more than one or two “shaggy dog” stories that last….a really long time and end with a “groan” for most.  Those jokes crack me up.*    Most of the jokes I know are not suitable for opening a speech at a civic function.  And you certainly would find them inappropriate for sharing with children, elders, the educated, the sensitive or the sophisticated.   So consider that your warning….

Writing Prompt:  I always laugh out loud when…

*if you’ve got 90 minutes, and ask real nice and buy me a drink I might even tell you the one about the guy who went to the circus, or the one about the ant and the elephant.


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