Day 23

Winter arrived here by the San Francisco Bay, just in time for spring to appear on the calendar.  Now, that doesn’t mean the blooming stops or there will be snow to shovel.  Mostly we’re experiencing some long delayed rainy days and in my particular micro-climate, some minor flooding and attendant traffic mayhem.  There has been abundant blooming, pollen and sneezing for many many weeks, and there’s no turning back the increased day light that brings the end of the day closer to 9pm…

So on the first day of spring, I am balancing blossoms and roots, literally and metaphorically.  I’ve got spread sheets and strategic plans to ground the dreamy lofty goal setting on the business front.  There’s brainstorming and rain storming, even as there is hunkering down with practical emails and warm fleece layers.  Stretching, testing, trying new combinations, rotations and preparing for the long season ahead.  Spring training is like that…

Writing Prompt:  The dream that is most alive is…

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