Day 26

Here at the homestead there are two working adults sharing the office space, which is slowly drifting from the office to the dining room, to the living room.  Now, I may not be the most pristine housekeeper, but there is a limit to my tolerance for clutter and we may be on the verge of crossing the line.  I think it’s time to back up the dump truck.  Load up all the junk and send it out off to free-cycle heaven where  some joyful artist can find a repurposed glee in all the “stuff” that is stressing me out.  This is supposed to be a letting go time of year and I really like the idea of more spaciousness, more clarity and more freedom to move from one room to the next without the sense of being on a treacherous obstacle course.

It seems to be time to heed the BEEP BEEP BEEP and get ready to release, let go and wave bye bye to things in the way of the bigger intentions….

Writing Prompt:  As a overcome the obstacle of….I begin to….

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