Fifth Sunday Gratitude

I am so delighted that there is sunshine after rain, acts of witness and solidarity, people who smile and create generous spaces for hospitality.  

I am ticked by pink boa feathers, clean sheets, laugh out loud moments and breezes that carry jasmine blooms at night.

I am so happy when coffee is delivered in bed, the budget is met, plans fall into place and someone gets my joke.

I give thanks for all this and more today, as the sunshines and I prepare to deliver some coffee….

Writing Prompt:  I give thanks for…

2 thoughts on “Fifth Sunday Gratitude

  1. I’m always grateful for a clean kitchen. In a seven person household this is no small thing. The rest of the house can be a disaster zone, but if the kitchen is clean and I can make my way to a fresh cup of coffee while I think about what to make for dinner that night, then I’m a happy woman! I am grateful for rain boots, garage sales, thrift stores and comfy furniture. Today I am especially grateful for amazing church folk. They never fail to amaze me with their warmheartedness and passion for social justice! It is a good day.

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