Day 31

Ever since I got knocked down with the cold from hell at the start of the month, I’ve felt my self dragging through the days.   I’m not hacking or wheezing, but I’m still dog tired and I have way too much I want to do to need mid day naps in addition to my night time zzzz’s.  More coffee isn’t the answer.   Riding the wave of this illness probably is the only wise response.  I’m hearing left and right of folks with pneumonia and I am not at all in need of that distraction (nor do I seem to have any risk, so no worries, Mom).  I am not well practiced in many of the arts of self care, but I am enjoying the evening tea time before bed.

Writing Prompt:   The one habit I have, that truly serves my soul is…

magazine reading may not be a holy habit, but can be a whole lotta fun!


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