Day 32

Making plans for Easter Sunday, which gives me the clue that this Lenten Journey is heading toward holy week at quite the rapid pace.  I’ve been meeting the intention to write here and in my journal with general ease and few distractions/glitches this year.  But there have been a few.   I get caught in the horror of typos found hours (if not days or weeks) after a post is sent to my vast mailing list.  On the other hand, I don’t have a lot of shame about run on sentences, being boring, repeating myself or being repetitive.  I figure that modeling imperfection is the perfect way to show my bold and brave side to the world.  I hope that letting my inconsistent idiosyncrasies opens the possibility to greater intimacy with you, my reader(s).

So what does this have to to with Easter?  Something about courage and trust and risk and showing up and wonder and forgiveness and miracles and striving and acceptance.  The words keep falling to page (and screen) and the spirit of the season expresses compassion and the blessing is real.

Writing Prompt:  I am letting my words flow with….

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