Day 33

no stone face on me...

In an unexpected twist, this week included some (dreaded) car shopping.  Even as I eschew so much of the consumer culture and resent my own auto-dependency, the family needs a car, so a car we will be buying.  Now, there are zillions of jokes, stories, websites, warnings, strategies and services to “enhance” the purchasing experience.  Me, I’m just wishing it wasn’t some big game.  I wish I could enter into the showroom confident that value and service were assured in my agreement.  Instead, the beloved and I are role playing how to be stern faced and silently walk away…And if you know us, our Picasso faces are not well suited to this experience.  So wish us well, or give us a cut of your winning lottery ticket this weekend?  I have a feeling we’ll need it!

Writing Prompt:  My face will always give away…


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