Palm Sunday Gratitude

As the Lenten Writing Challenge heads into Holy Week, I find there is much to be thankful for, once again.

The heartbreaking news of the world continues, yet in the small moments of beauty, grace and abundant love it seems that hope stays alive.  For that possibility,  I am thankful.

An out pouring of “likes” and new followers comes fluttering into my email box this week.  For new friends,  I am thankful.

It’s always true that sunshine follows after rain.  For blue skies, I am thankful.

Arguing with 9 year olds leads to enlightenment.  For laughter and logic, I am thankful.

No matter what the pundits might say, healthcare access is a worthy social endeavor.  For healthy healing friends and family, I am thankful.

And  spring training turns toward opening day.  For a new season after a winter of discontent, I am thankful.

With special gratitude for the service of our beloved ‘Ru and all the memories she has helped to make.  And a warm welcome to “Ruby” the new car with spunk, I am thankful.

Writing Prompt:  I give thanks for…

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