Day 35

Monday of Holy Week.  Great adventures abound.  I am looking forward and backwards as I shift towards Easter.  It seems literal and metaphoric, of course.  I’m taking time to reflect and to plan.  There are words to write, programs to lead, paper work to finish up.  There have been spelling errors to correct, assumptions to challenge, sly winks to affirm.

Heading towards Easter, I have eggs to color, words to write, flowers to cultivate and blessings to bestow.  Looking back to a year ago, I can’t even fathom where the time has gone.  It seems impossible to reconcile the shifting gears and shifting years.

This is what I wrote on Monday of Holy Week, 2011. “These are changes that happen without ritual or story. And while the aging process offers moments and glimpses of nostalgia on occasion, there is always so much change that goes unnoticed.  So I will plant redwoods and I will savor the chance to pay cash for something that won’t be disposed of today.  My intentions for building on the writing practice with ink and paper, and a business with ritual at the heart will grow slowly, too!”  So I offer the same prompt!  

Writing prompt:  I almost forgot….

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