Day 36

Hurry up.  I’ve got to do this and that and the other thing all before I get to the urgent task and that is already past due.  What happened to my awesome time management skills?  Out the door and into the recycle bin, or tossed inadvertently into the compost.  I worry that I can’t get it back.  But I don’t have time to worry today.  Stayed out too late last night (Silly girl!  Out on a school night?  What were you THINKING!).  Oops – another vital email in the inbox, got to respond to that right now.  And check in on Facebook.  Wasn’t there someone I was supposed to wish a happy birthday to yesterday?   What sort of foolish wisdom says slow and steady wins the race?  I’ve got to answer that call, write the summary report and squeeze in some meditation….ack it’s almost 10 am!  Where did the morning go?  And where are my shoes?  Gotta run!

Writing Prompt:  I’m much too busy to….



Writing Prompt:

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