Day 37

There’s a new art show up at the Zocalo Cafe where I like to spend time writing and consuming the elixir of life.   Right above my head is a colorful watercolor of bamboo.  The stalks are vibrant yellow with a background of deep purples that gives a sense of exotic mystery and depth to the piece.   This particular painting was done by the instructor of a course and it seems other pieces in the gallery were done by her students.  You can see something of their personalities in the styles and subjects they present in this show.  The tranquil landscape and the fruit bowl still life stir different imaginings than the animal poses and the close ups of flowers all stamen and pistil and petal.

The plan is that my Good Diva photography gals and I will share some of our photos in our own exhibit here later in the year.  We’ve been challenging ourselves to take a photo a day (up to 170 days so far!) and it really has been great to explore so many subjects and themes.  We’ve toyed with prompts and “free-style” days as this spiritual practice unfolds….just like with the practice of writing there is much to be framed, and much to see in all new ways!

Writing Prompt:  My thoughts are framed by….


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