Day 38

On the Lenten calendar we head into Maundy Thursday with ritual and custom.  And here’s the thing:  tradition is always changing.  I have made it my Lenten practice to keep this pattern of blogging and I find it to be a satisfying way to give attention to my intention of letting words out.  Writing each day gives a container to the season that calls me to pay attention to where “spirit” is moving and for me.  This year I will be working on Easter Sunday, and that means the days leading up are filled with preparatory activity and tending to practical details.   I am not attending to other rituals or customs – I haven’t even bought eggs to color or whipped up a brunch menu.  And I have no plans to attend a seder this year.  But ritual is everywhere…even if I am preoccupied.

I know that today, pantries are being emptied of wheat and sugar and cupboards are being scrubbed clean.  I know that there are foot washing rites in progress this moment, too.  Nearby, tables are being set.  The wine is open and breathing.  Tomorrow there are stations to visit, walks of memorial importance, memories, silences, lamentations and the extinguishing of candles.   Prayers will be spoken and sung.  The preparing gives space for what we can’t imagine, but trust with deepest belief to be true.  We prepare in order to be present to what is.  And when we are present to what is, we can meet the mystery with ease.  All this is to ground us for miracles.

Writing Prompt:  Today I am washing away….


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