Kind Words

About the Good Diva 366 Photo Group
Secretly I want to be Michelle when I grow up. I joined this group so some of her essence would rub off on me maybe. Also to maintain a daily spiritual practice, paying attention in this way…. to see what I see, by regularly looking for interesting shots, interesting lines, interesting textures, interesting lighting and shadows, daily, instead of just rushing blindly on to the next thing on my to-do list and my packed-full calendar….You are inspiring me; am grateful. Thanks for creating the group, Michelle, and thanks for the participation of the rest of you.  Yvonne SS (Michigan)
You are AWESOME. DA – Berkeley
Thank you so much. Wonderful things unfold under your care. I feel like a happy plant stretching into your bright sunshine and torrential rain all at once. Thanks… CM – Hawaii
You’re the best!  JM – Berkeley

Dear  Michelle:  You are so wonderful.  I am truly grateful for the insights, skills, compassion and inspiration you bring to our precious community. We are enriched by your presence and great work.  DB San Francisco

Just wanted to send along a note of thanks for your presence and for taking the time to meet with me.  It was such a helpful and much-needed conversation.  Thanks so much for being the best… LC – Kansas